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Filter huge bandwidth wasting spam in new torrents


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Okay, apparently I'm not making myself clear here and the old thread was closed so I can't even offer clarification in it. Please feel free to merge this response into that thread since I can't now.

To be absolutely clear: the files I am talking about do waste bandwidth. They are huge and numerous. When I set them to "do not download" I see that a few parts of some of them are indeed downloaded, but the vast majority are not. We are talking many tens of megabytes of files..

Also, this isn't just about bandwidth. These files pollute the filesystem and they have to be manually deleted. Some of them are dangerous. All of them are annoying. It's a spam filter for torrents, as necessary as a spam filter for email is. Note that an email spam filter saves no bandwidth at all.

Anyway, I expect the next phase of customer support will be the banhammer. I'll save you the bother and delete my forum account, since it's obvious we are all wasting our time here.

Original text:

It would be handy if you could set up regular expression filters that automatically set files to "do not download" when a new torrent is added. There are often lots of junk files in torrents that waste bandwidth and clutter up the filesystem. Some of them are even dangerous, e.g. .url files that if clicked can open dubious web sites.

Currently it is possible to filter RSS feeds, but not torrents added manually.

PS. I tried suggesting this on the suggestions website but an admin failed to understand what I was asking and instantly banned my account with no possibly to even comment. Nice customer service there.

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