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Max connection speed per peer


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Is there a limit somewhere to how quickly you can upload to a single peer? I've tried seeding files to a single person (sharing files between myself and a friend), and the upload speed never seems to increase above around 1 MB/s. I've had a few peers get up to 1.4 MB/s but for the most part, it seems to hover around there. Specifically in the case of my friend, I know he can support up to a 3 MB/s download and I can support a higher upload than almost anyone can manage (I have 1Gb/s up and down). I tried everything in the "IF YOU HAVE SPEED ISSUES" thread and none of them helped the upload speed for a single person, although it did help increase my overall upload speed. Currently I'm back at mostly default settings, with Protocol Encryption enabled, net.max_halfopen at 4, and bt.connect_speed at 4.

Internet: Google Fiber w/ Wired Connection (1Gb/s up and down - verified from a speed test)

OS: Windows 7 64-Bit Professional

Firewall: Windows Firewall

Antivirus: Avast Free Antivirus

Glasnost reports no bandwidth shaping.

Plenty more information is available upon request if needed.

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All I can say is that the speeds that my friend experiences as my only peer on a private torrent, are not his fault. He can go get a torrent from elsewhere that has plenty of seeders and download it at over 3MB/s, but when he is downloading only from me, the download never tops 1 MB/s. I've currently got a peer that made it up to 2 MB/s but that is a first for me.

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