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'Connection timed out' through proxy


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I've started using a SOCKS5 proxy with forced encryption for my torrents. But for some reason, all of my torrents that start through the RSS feed will not begin and get stuck with 'Connection timed out' under trackers. When I restart uTorrent, they start to work and any torrents I download and start manually work fine as well.

What I've tried

- Turning off the proxy, but obviously this is not a fix.

- Restarting uTorrent/computer - This will start the torrents already listed, but if any new torrents begin through RSS feed they will have the same problem

- Reinstall uTorrent, reformatted and went from Windows 7 to 8.

- Re-add firewall exceptions, use static port and forward on router

- Using a different proxy with the same authentication

- Different sources of RSS feed also have this problem


- Green tick at the bottom right to indicate no connection problems

- Green ticks for both Bandwidth and Network for the performance checker

- net.max_halfopen set to 100

- No security software installed

- Router is called Orcon Genius (Proprietary ISP design for Fiber connection 100/50 mbps)

- ISP is Orcon, New Zealand

- Speed test: 97.5mbps download and 47mbps upload

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