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Slow Download, Fast Upload. Rest of internet working fine


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I have the problem basically as stated in the title. I have a macbook with OS X 10.6.8, and utorrent installed (obviously). My browser and internet connection don't seem to be suffering, and various download speed tests I have subjected my connection to seem to indicate that I'm getting about 3mb/s, but my download speed is crap. I've only been able to get it up to 50kb/s (total, across all downloads) in the last week, using files that exceed 1000 seeders, and my girlfriend (same connection, different mac computer) is having the same problem. This is particularly strange as I appear to be uploading at a furious rate, usually at around 100kb/s or more. Turning off uploading doesn't do anything to help, and I've optimized my settings according to the pinned posts on these forums. Any ideas?

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