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MAC - Utorrent opening for 3sec only


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I'm using uttorent on my mac, and since yesterday it doesn't want to launch anymore

The app opening on the dock for 3-4 seconds, and then the app closing

i didn't apply any update for the last few days

i tried to uninstalled properly utorrent with appcleaner, thinking that's a preference or a cache could be corrupt, but when i install it again, the problem is back

I tried with the last version (1.8.4), the 1.6.4 and the 1.9.0 (beta) but the problem is still here, the app appear for a few sec in the dock and then disappear..

I'm working on Mac OSX Maverick DP2 (10.9)

Have you anyone reporting that kind of bug or do you have any idea how to solve it ?

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