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Write to Disc Input/Output Error


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I have been reading this message for the last week.

I have been using Bittorrent for the last 8months with no problem until now.

I went online and there was ALOT of stuff to do with this problem so i tryed most things.

I have a Mac and i think if i just threw it in the bin and got Windows i would be better off!!!

First off i thought it could be a virus so i downloaded bitdefender but after a full scan 1 hour it said there was no viruses.

I then opened a new folder for the films to be stored in dident work.

I then changed settings to advanced settings dident work.

i then turned off the DHA or DHL thing cant remember now dident work.

I then downloaded Utorrent and the same thing is happen!!!

im not computer literate so guys and girls i need your help i live in a foreign country and i watch films after work they are my entertainment and without this i will go mad!!!!!!!!!!

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Well thats it then im changing my mac to a Windows laptop i cant believe a site like this cant be specific and just come up with an answer.

The only reply i get is a link to the motherload of infomation and dignostics somewere in all that usless info

is plans on how to invade a foreign country i mean really the amount of infomation there was i would need a solictor, doctor, accountant working overtime to draw any conclusion from that.

The thing that dissapoints me the most is all these fake wannabe half life gimps with there stupid sounding monkiers who think they actually know somthing dont know when they have cum. Trying to sound all important and all they are all they ever will be is just words on a screen FUCK LAPTOPS FUCK OFF WITH YOU AND TAKE YOUR FUCKING NERDS WITH YA IM SICK OFF ALL THIS BULLSHIT

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