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No downloads/connection with plenty of seeds and peers


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I have been using uTorrent going through TOR for over a year with no problems. About a week ago, I noticed that nothing was downloading although I had plenty of seeds/peers. I rummaged around this forum and have tried different things that I thought might help. For example I have:

Made sure that uTorrent is allowed in Windows Firewall (no other firewall on this computer).

Run the speed test multiple times

Tried port forwarding through my ISP

Checked for throttling through Glasnost (none detected)

Changed ports from 29106 to 49152 (saw this port on a page on this forum, so thought it might work)

Uninstalled and reinstalled TOR and uTorrent. Utorrent is now at version 3.3 beta; TOR is at version and Vidalia is 0.2.21.

Rebooted computer and router (Netgear Model CG3000D)

Read the entire setup guide and made sure everything was set up the way it reads.

Disabled and then re-Enabled UpnP port mapping and NAT-PMP port mapping (no change)

Probably a few more things that I cannot remember right now.

I am running Vista Home Premium 32 bit on a Dell with 1.86 GHz processor and 2 gigs of RAM.

I have Spybot Search and Destroy, MalWareBytes and SuperAntiSpyware as virus/malware, etc. protection.

If you will notice in the uTorrent download screen there is no icon. I was getting a green icon when everything was was working fine, then it changed to a yellow/orange triangle with an exclamation point. Now that icon has completely disappeared.

I have attached links to screen shots of some of the options that I thought were relevant. Sorry if this is not the correct way to do this. Newbie brain cramp. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

utorrent connection screen.jpg


utorrent download screen.jpg


utorrent Setup Guide.jpg


utorrent download screen.jpg


utorrent bandwidth screen.jpg


Windows Firewall Settings.jpg


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