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Optimum settings for a 50meg Fibre cnx - some strange issues..


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Hi guys/gals - First post here as i've never really had any probs before with utorrent..

Ok so here goes, i'm just trying to compile a list of settings that will optimise my download speed..

Bit of background - Never really had any issues except for the setting of max upload speed.. which never seems to be abided by by my client.. if i set max upload speed to ~50kbps i still quite freq hit upload speed of 1meg... :| ( ive got 50 meg down, 10 meg up cnx ) Now - i understand that i need to upload for peers to share with me but even as i look at my client now my upload speed is 1.1MB/s and down speed is ~800kbps.. So... i guess my question is..how do i optimise my download speed whilst not taking too much away from you guys ( peers ) in upload speed... and also..how the f*&k do i actually get my upload speed limited to what i set it to :o

Any help greatly appreciated. M

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