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utorrent causing network problems


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This only just started happening since I moved into my new house and got a new router installed when I got the internet setup so I imagine its a router problem. However, I was wondering if there were settings I could change to resolve it.

The problem I'm having is that when utorrent is open, my connection to the network becomes intermittent. It will drop for just a fraction of a second. This isn't noticeable if I'm browsing the web, but if I'm uploading/download from the web the files will cut out, if I'm on mIRC then I'll get disconnected, and if I'm streaming music from my NAS drive they will cut out. This happens every 1-2 mins. The vast majority of my torrents are downloaded to my NAS drive so when I have utorrent open I imagine there's a lot of connections being made between my PC and the NAS drive which I'm assuming is where the problem lies; the router just can't handle it?

I'm wired up to my router. It's a cable router (http://help.virginmedia.com/system/selfservice.controller?CMD=VIEW_ARTICLE&ARTICLE_ID=3859&CURRENT_CMD=SEARCH&CONFIGURATION=1001&PARTITION_ID=1&USERTYPE=1&LANGUAGE=en&COUNTY=us&VM_CUSTOMER_TYPE=Cable).

My computer software and OS is all up-to-date. No virus' or anything like that.

Like stated above, when I close utorrent the problem disappears, so I'm hoping there's some settings I can change in either utorrent or my router to resolve this.

Please help!

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