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Seeds with 'd' flag


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I notice on many of my downloads (all 5 of them, actually) that the peer list shows active seeds as a much smaller number than seeds. At present, for one file, I see 32(4873) seeds and 2(1032) peers. Of those active seeds(32) about a dozen of them have flag 'd'. (small d) Can someone in the know explain why this is, and why they appear to be sharing really aren't. It's frustrating to see all those seeds, can only connect to a small portion of them, and many of those don't actually seed anything. In some cases I am uploading to them!! If they have 100% of the file, why is this? Utorrent being flakey? Speeds of late seem to be inherently slow.. am lucky to get over 12KBs(bytes/sec) on any of my downloads despite using the built-in test settings. Any thoughts?

On another note, I noticed a nice chart elsewhere with optimum settings specified in kbs(bits) yet the utorrent interface requests kBs(bytes) numbers. A rule of thumb is a factor of 10 (8 bits/byte plus 2 for chksum), but most ppl don't know that.. Could the chart be modified according to what utorrent actually wants?

Have a great day!

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If they have 100% of the file, why is this?

Just because they aren't uploading to you, it doesn't mean they aren't uploading.

Our conservative settings chart already factors in the difference between speedtest results and the uTorrent interface. Any "nice chart elsewhere" probably doesn't. It's not our responsibility to correct THOSE charts.

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