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uTorrent seems to be opened when opening .torrent files.


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When I download torrents and open it through Windows Explorer or from Chrome, uTorrent pops up a message saying "uTorrent seems to be open" I'm running Windows 8 and the only difference I can think of in this installation of uTorrent is that I moved my settings to another drive. Are there any issues or fixes that are related to this type of situation?

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"uTorrent seems to be open"
... and what

there should be more to that message. Or does it say "uTorrent is already running ..."

I moved my settings to another drive

Just the settings? Or the setting AND the .exe file?

AND did you reset file association associations AFTER moving it?

because the error message suggests two possibles scenarios at first glance:

1: That uTorrent is overloaded with jobs and is not responding to the "Add torrent" request.

2: (most likely IMO.) That the client is trying to run in "install mode" because the settings are missing and an instance of uTorrent is already running.

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Sorry about missing that, my uTorrent says

It seems like uTorrent is already running, but not responding.

Please close all uTorrent processes and try again.

I moved the exe file too. How would I be sure that my associations are correct? I right clicked and chose open with utorrent as default. When I open torrent files within uTorrent (file -> add torrent) it works without an issue.

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I'm using utorrent 3.3 build 29677 32 bit.

I'm not sure what you mean by "add torrent" gui dialogue. The only way I know at the moment I can load torrents is by opening uTorrent, going to File and Load Torrent. Trying to open a torrent from a folder or browser causes that error.

Usually I have about 10 torrents active (seed or download). but even if I completely stop all other torrents, the error still appears.

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Hi. This problem occurs on Windows 7 or greater when User Account Control is enabled. To fix, make sure "uTorrent.exe" is not running. Click Start (then Run if Windows 7, Win 8, type straight in the Start screen) and type "%AppData%\uTorrent". Right click "uTorrent.exe" and click Properties. Enable "Run this program as an administrator". Click OK. Right click "uTorrent.exe" and make sure that it is checked to run as an administrator. If not, make sure "uTorrent.exe" is not running and try again.


This should fix it with Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc.



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