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Download has stopped, but pleantly of peers available


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I have noticed this a few times, but this time I have decided to make a post.

The download was running fine and then all of a sudden stops. Sometimes this is at a very low percent -- around 1.1%. However today, just not, a download got to 18.1% and has stopped.

Exiting uTorrent and restarting fixes the problem and the download completes no problem. So I don't think it's a torrent file issue.

I'm running 3.3.1 build 29932 on Windows 8.

Seeds: 47 of 55 connected (189 in swarm)

Peers: 7 of 130 connected (11 in swarm)

Please let me know of any ideas, or any additional information that might help troubleshoot the issue.


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Attached is a copy of my About screen.

This was downloaded from utorrent.com today, July 14, 2013.


I will double check the Availability count next time this happens. I am ceratin that it was greater than 1 because once I restart uTorrent the download begin extremely quick and completes.

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Running build 30003 and the problem has reoccurred.

The download started last night automatically from an RSS feed. Shortly after the download started it hung. This morning I noticed this and took a screenshot.

Plenty of seeds, and peers. Network connectivity is fine.

I can shutdown uTorrent, and restart uTorrent, and the download will start over -- and complete in a few minutes at speeds around 3 Mbps.


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Running build 30003 and the problem has reoccurred.

And I say - it is *your* own problem. Looking at your SS - you are a 100% leecher. 0 bytes upload, 0.000 share.

I strongly suggest that you set up correctly your firewall/AV or whatever is blocking this new build from sending data before you come here and draw any conclusions related to so-called "problems" in this build. It runs fine for me, with 10-20 RSS auto-downloads a week... (Win7/x86)

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Rafi --

Thanks for the reply, however nothing is wrong with my firewall setup. I can send data fine.

The reason my share on this torrent is 0.000 is that it froze after a few seconds of starting the download! Nothing could be received or sent.

For example, on this same torrent file, after uTorrent has been restarted, data is shared without a problem, as is data being uploaded on the other several hundred torrent files I have.

As I explained, this doesn't happen with every torrent -- it is erratic and I have not found anything in common with the files. A simple restart of uTorrent resolves the problem. There the ottrent is healthy. My firewall/router is healthily. The only thing that changed was uTorrent being killed and restarted, so where else would you expect me to look?

I'm glad you are no having problems, but obviously something is going on in my environment, and that is why I have come here looking for advice.

Running build 30003, Windows 8 64 bit.

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