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Don't you think that if it was integrated that way isn't because ludde wants it this way?

Don't you think that no team member replying to this is because they already know about it and don't have a satisfactory answer for us?

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Hmm... if true (likely), those imply that the particular company is not to be trusted.

However, their product (Supernews) is a reasonable alternative to file sharing, for those who want to obtain the same files without having to connect to other users' computers.

But the slyck threads would indicate that one is better off simply buying direct from Supernews, or one of their competitors like Giganews or Easynews.

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sorry Determination, I must be goddamned blind, because I didn't notice the link before! ... damnit, that's horrible really... an obvious ad is one thing, but including a link which looks as though it's a part of the page is another! .. this means that µTorrent as a product IS actually telling you to download the client.

Reading the links, one is instantly realizing that people have been scammed, I've seen these people that claim they've been ripped off on the slyck forum a number of times, and they seem okey.. however, that other guy slyder23 seems very fishy to me, just read his arguments!

(plus the fact that he isn't on the forum regularly)

The integration factor implies that the placing of the link is deliberate, however it could just be very clever coding aswell. Until Firon tells the story, this isn't doing the rep of µT any good at all.

(and rest assured that the slyck team will most definently make an exposé about this, after all .. that is where the usenext client was discovered to be a fraud)

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A quote of the download page html follows. This link looks as simple as it can be and it is there together with the download link, just below it. IMHO, this IS deliberate, take it or leave it. There is no client side javascript code that generates it or something like that, this comes from the http server, as is.

<h3> </h3>
<h3> </h3><br>
<h3><a class="dl" href="/download/1.5/uTorrent-1.5-install.exe">Get µTorrent 1.5 Installation Program (560 KB)</a></h3><br>
<h3><a class="dl" href="http://www.usenext.de/index.cfm?TD=381256">Get UseNeXT - Download files without uploading</a></h3><b>  Fully Legal access to MP3s, Movies & much more. Fast, Anonymous, and Easy!  </b><br>

<h3> </h3>

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In this thread, there are a few reports of people getting scammed.


In this thread there's a shill advertising aswell, notice how he uses similar wording to that

of slyder23 on the slyck forums.

And here's some more:


Notice how everybody that gets scammed react similarly? the same method is used over and over again.... pretty easy to spot.

Edit: Firon, you need to act on this FAST before anyone gets scammed via link from this site, that would mean that µTorrent would have advertised a scam site, and the reputation of µTorrent will be tarnished forever.

As I stand now, I can't really recommend anyone to visit this site because of the bogus ads in place.

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no we will not, because if you pay for their service you can get the files from usenet that u want.!

That their prices maybe not the cheapest and their contract rules are not the best is another thing, but its shurely no scam like tv.org or such sites.

My "computer? i have no idea!"-neighbour made a contract with usenext and in germany credit cards are not widely used, just bank accounts and you give the company an allowance to take the money from your account; called "D:Einzugsermächtigung".

Usenext billed him for a full year service 90+ Euros, but that was the contract he has choosen. Their service might not be the best or the cheapest, but they provide the service they say so. So it's no scam as wikipedia explaines the meaning of "scam" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scam

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A confidence trick, confidence game, also known as a con, scam, grift or flim flam, is an attempt to intentionally mislead a person or persons (known as the "mark") usually with the goal of financial or other gain.

Making you subscribe a FREE trial and then making you pay it isn't a scam in those terms?

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I have definitely no intention to defend the company. In fact i don't like then because of their "strange" advertising methodes.

But no, its no scam, because they do not charge you for the free trial! Only after that.

the german term for that is "Automatische Vertragsverlängerung" automatic renewal(?)

Shure their advertising is targeted at newbies and "i have no clue" customers. But they are fully in complience specialy with the german copyright laws. ;-)

In so far is your cite incorreect, nowhere say them you get legall access to copyighted stuff. In fact they do not refer in a single word to the status of the mp3, films photos...

And in the fineprint they clearly state that it is illegal to download copyrighted stuff thru their service ;-)

the admin-c for the german TLD was acording to deNIC sometime a famous lawyer widely known in germancomputergeek scene due to his involvement in the "ftp-welt" case.

google searchwords are lawyer "syndikus" as lawfirm partner of the famous german lawyer Gravenreuth! ("the tina letters" in Commodore64 warez times)


Edit: changed some spelling, add german wikipedialink

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Perosnally, i dont really care if usenext is a scam or not. Yet, what i DO consider as a scam, is putting an ad, masqueraded as a download link, for an external company, not stating the fact that it is unrelated to utorrent and not under utorrent control.

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Actually, what I think would had been more honest in this advertisement campaign, would have been to state "link endorsed by µTorrent" or something. And as inf pointed out.. it sure seems weird that the link was so integrated into the page that any person downloading µTorrent would think "whoa.. new software from Ludde?"

Now, the sooner this link gets removed, the better, and if it doesn't get removed... imagine the pr scandal as the p2p news sites get wind of this. (that is.. if they already haven't by now)

I'm usually not a tinfoil hat fan, but on this occasion, I'm actually considering wearing it.

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kind of redundant too, having that link integrated in there like that, when there's a usenext gif advertisment right below it.

I'm not following the tin foil hat thing, but I also agree that link should be (re)moved.

seriously, people are dumb, so they will believe it's from ludde, and they'll click on it...


y'know, I think I just countered my own post..lol

I still don't think it's a good idea though. advertisments aren't supposed to be masked as your own. until it's fixed, I'll be offering direct dl links, instead of the site itself to new people. :/

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