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utorrent 3.3.1 always activating window on added torrents


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I just recently installed utorrent 3.3.1 instead of 2.2.1 and I can't seem to get it to NOT activate the utorrent window when a new torrent is added, anyone know how to fix this?

What I mean is that whenever a torrent is added the utorrent window is focused, minimizing any fullscreen applications etc

here are my settings:

General: http://puu.sh/3DCCQ/c0b55d8aa5.png

UI: http://puu.sh/3DCED/8b50fb122e.png

LOG: http://puu.sh/3DD5D/491ebbf260.png

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Set minimize and close to tray. Uncheck always activate.

Already tried that with no luck.

When I uncheck always activate I sometimes can't get it to activate when I click the tray icon and have to right click it and click on "hide/show utorrent" for it to activate

Something has to be wrong...

Didn't use any old settings.dat files or anything, was a clean "install"


When I don't use the tray icon (which I prefer to not do) as soon as I add a torrent the tray icon appears and my current window loses focus, when I mouse hover over the tray icon it disappears.

If it isn't a coding error, might it be a file association error?

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