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Trying to refresh a torrent and failing miserably lol


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I was downloading some audio files some of which I noticed had no seeds but quite a few peers. I have however managed to download complete identical versions in other shares so my problem is this.

How can I copy the complete files into the directory of the incomplete ones so that the peers still watching those torrents can get a complete set of files?

I tried renaming the directory so it generated an error, overwriting the files and then forcing a recheck but it still only seems to check the amount it had already downloaded, then I tried altering the destination to one filled with the complete files but it overwrote them with other complete ones that it thinks aren't

I know many of you will probably just think why bother but I cant believe its THAT hard to do by someone who knows how to do it so I figured why not :)

Any help appreciated


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First off @ ciaobaby

I accidentally replied via the report rather than reply link during a blond moment

The reply however was that I did get it to work by accident with an earlier torrent (as far as I can tell) but cant seem to repeat it

the one where it worked showed as having all pieces 100% completed instantly from 15% and started seeding to peers

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I did get it to work by accident with an earlier torrent
Then it was a lucky accident, with two identical jobs.

A BitTorrent payload is binary data NOT 'files', and unless payload 'A' and payload 'B' are EXACT binary duplicates they are not 'the same'.

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yup that's what they were. Two individual torrents but where the file names and sizes were identical in both

but one had many seeds and peers the other no seeds but 60 or so peers

So I (somehow) on the first attempt plonked the complete set of files from the one torrent into the folder of the incomplete one and after some fiddling it jumped to acknowledging all files were 100 percent complete despite still saying I had only downloaded a percentage of the torrent which then led to several hours showing 1 seed and 40-50 peers and over the next few days an increasing number of seeds and decreasing peers

The problem is I have a similar instance but cant seem to find the same sequence I did on the previous one, just that it did seem to centre around some sequence of generating the missing files type error then re pointing the torrent back to the folder with the completed files


That is the one that worked and on my list shows as being 238 MB but where I have only downloaded 181 MB but where all files show as 100% downloaded which happened instantly and cant be simply due to downloading them off a seed

the files themselves actually came from a different torrent that had dozens of seeds that I have since removed from the torrent list and cant give the hash for

Not sure if that's clearer or more confuddling a description :)

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Two individual torrents but where the file names and sizes were identical in both

File names and sizes do NOT mean they are identical. They have to be identical at BINARY LEVEL and if there is one bit in a single byte different they are NOT identical! So WILL fail on hashsum checking.

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Gotcha, and yep that makes sense and I wouldn't have assumed it would work if they were in anyway perceptiple two different sets of files

but as only one set is complete I couldn't compare other than by the number of files, listed file sizes and the like as the one torrent having no seeds was kind of the problem in the outset if that makes sense

The first two did seem like they were the exact same group of files that had been shared by two separate people as is very common on here and in every respect otherwise I wouldn't have even attempted to copy the files across

Even so I did try the force checking a variety of ways before it showed as being all files 100% complete even though the files were 100% complete on each attempt so something in the way I did it changed the last time

the folder name didn't alter nor did the name of the torrent, but all I basically did was delete the existing files (181mb on disk) and replaced them with the complete files from the other torrent.

At first it still showed missing blocks so I kept trying variations then eventually and its still there now it went to 100% on all files in the folder but with only 181 having been downloaded

The torrent I am trying to do the same with now "seems" equally identical in payload (both are audiobook filesets) but I guess there might be an unperceptible difference that would make a checksum different between both file sets

I'll keep playing and see what happens though

Actually, I'll try it the otherway round and copy the incomplete files into the completed folder and see what happens then. that should show me whether its the way I am doing it that's the problem or a difference in the files

Cheers for the input

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Use ExactFile to do binary comparisons using SHA or MD% hashsums.

And make use of Force Re-check so you do not poison the swarm on a job you try to rebuild.

BitTorrent clients do not have a concept of 'files', they understand "pieces" which may contain several files or one file may be spread across two or more pieces.



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