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System locking up during high download rate


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This is the issue I have started happening all of a sudden. I've been able to download above 7MB/s to my HDD fine with no issue until recently when it seems I cannot download above 1MB/s without my system freezing up.

I have my OS installed on an SSD and have all my downloads directed to my 2TB Seagate drive. Been using utorrent without a problem, and then for some reason have been having the lockup problem. No new programs have been installed. No hardware changes.

I've tried disabling disc cache, increasing disc cache - does not work. If I let the download rate go above 1MB/s, it locks up. I've tried downgrading uTorrent all the way to version 3.1 and still experience the issue.

I am not running any software listed on the "Incompatible Software" list. It is the OS that freezes, not uTorrent itself. GUI can be open or minimized, no proxy settings, firewall has been enabled/disabled. I dont run A/V, only MWBytes - have closed this and it still occurs. Connected wirelessly to my router downstairs.

uTorrent Version: 3.3.1 Build 29938

OS: Win7Ultimate 64-bit

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This is happening on two different systems both with similar SSD/HDD setups.

Reset stacks and ran sfc - still happens.

Why would my DNS cause my system to lock up when, if uTorrent is not running, everything runs perfectly?

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So I set pre-allocate on. Seemed fine and let my download speed loose. Was going at 5MB/s for a while with no problem. So i tried watching a show I donwloaded at the same time. BOOM! system started freezing.

For shits and giggles I let the system keep running as I could hear the show still playing but at an extremely slow speed. After about 45-60 seconds the system resumed. All downloads started from 0kb/s and climbed their way back up.

This is highly annoying to not be able to download and do anything else at the same time. As this same problem has happened to two different systems with different hardware specs, I can only assume its software...

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