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Torrents not starting to download | DHT:Waiting to log in


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Information and short description:

Windows 7 64bit.

uTorrent 3.3

Basically, it just gets stuck at "connecting to peers" and I see "DHT:Waiting to log in" in the bottom. It's been going on for a year or so now and I finally thought I'd ask for help here.

I think it started when I moved my PC from upstairs to the first floor and I've no idea what might be the issue here.


There is an exception for uTorrent in my firewall, I've waited for hours, I've reinstalled uTorrent and checked many different torrents. My antivirus program isn't blocking it.

Any solutions?

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@ Littleredman118

I just had a similar problem! DHT: 'Waiting to log in'

This occurred (in my case) to the following;

1. I have been using uTorrent for years with no problems (v2.2.1), recently added PeerBlock to my system (Windows 7 Pro 64-bit), still no problems, until...

2. Switched over to BT GUARD! Then DHT was waiting to log-in!

I initially did two things, namely;

1. Exited both PeerBlock and uTorrent. Make sure, that, each of these applications is actually not running, check your system tray and/or Task Manager.

2. Re-launched uTorrent - no more problem!

I'll have to see what PeerBlock is blocking and just permit.

Again, this only happened after changing over to BT GUARD, if I restored uTorrent's original configuration there was no problem (and still using PeerBlock). It's a new address so I'm guessing, that, PeerBlock is doing it's job!

Hope this helps, it worked for me.

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