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A New Version of uTorrent is already installed


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I opened my uTorrent client to *continue* the download of some files. I got an error message saying

A new version of uTorrent has already been installed (build number here). Click OK to run the older version..
Something along those lines.

So, I uninstalled uTorrent and reinstalled.

Can someone please tell me what that was ???

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It's the result of the new "update system" design' date=' which no one really knows what it does...[/quote']

I posted an image as I got the popup once again. Have a look !

Ok, and what is it about the alert message that you don't understand??

However what it is suggesting is that the "shortcut" you used does not point to the current running installation which has been updated automatically. You need check the properties of the link to see where it points to and the .exe filename that is launched.

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The problem is that if user selects No the older version is run from programfiles folder. If user selects Yes then newer version launches installer (unnessesary as a copy already exists in appdata/roaming/utorrent):


So either remove programfiles folder and references to it from the installer or fix it so utorrent. exe is correctly moved from roaming to programfiles so there would be no conflict.

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