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uTorrent starts fast the slows right down

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As of today my uTorrent has started off as normal when opening, for example downloading at 20-30mbps then within a minute or so it drops right down to 9-10k.

I first thought it was my ISP throttling my connection, but I have just used a different torrent client and am getting the speed I would expect.

So I have narrowed it down to something in utorrent, I have not changed any settings today so I dont understand why it is doing this.

The only thing I can think is that I downloaded a torrent earlier and it got stuck when I removed all files, meaning it did not empty to the trash for a long time.

I have had this before where a torrent get stuck when removing and it automatically going to trash, and it has kinda of almost froze my uTorrent and slowing the connection right down to what I am experiencing now.

When I removed the torrent earlier and it got stuck, I think I may have closed uTorrent and reopened then downloaded the same torrent to get a notice saying the torrent you are trying to download is already being emptied. I think I may have closed it again.

Now when I open uTorrent it starts of normal then just slows right down, when I try to remove alll files of a torrent it takes a few minutes to reach the trash

So i am guessing there maybe a torrent stuck being removed? I have reinstalled uTorrent and removed the uTorrent folder in application support. Maybe I need to remove more preferences from somewhere else?

I am on mac 10.6.8

Version 1.8.4 (29682)

Any help would be great guys, any other infor you need let me know


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