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"Not enough storage is available to process this commnd" Problem

Specter Von Baren

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I'm currently having a problem with downloading a game called .flow and I have images to help me show the issue.

Here is where I downloaded the file.


Here is where the file ends up.


I was only able to get it into UTorrent by dragging it into it but when I try to open the file then I receive this.


The problem is that I do in fact have enough space for the file as seen here.


Keep in mind that I'm not someone that knows the ins and outs of computer language or what a lot of terms mean. So maybe this is something really simple that I'm overlooking but regardless of what the issue is, I would really appreciate it if this could be explained to me, assuming someone knows what's wrong, in the laymen.

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What you need to do is do a google search for "torrent index sites"...pick a site that is popular and has user verified .torrents/magnet files...

Once you are comfortable with the torrent sites you've chosen browse the categories(tv, software, audio books, etc.) and download a particular torrent file you are interested in and download it to your computer....That's all she wrote..You are now ready to add the .torrent/magnet to utorrent and start downloading as long as you adjusted the utorrent settings according to your connection speed.

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