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Migration has failed to continue from previous progress


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I didnt find the migration guide until looking up this problem, but I happen to have done exactly what it says:

Moving files to another location after they have been loaded in µTorrent

For sorting reasons you may wish for your newly reloaded files to be saved to a different location. This is easy enough but must be done a single torrent at a time.

Stop the torrent you wish to move in the torrent list in µTorrent.

Move the files to the location of your choice (for multiple files move the containing folder as a whole)

In µTorrent, right click > Advanced > Set Download Location ...

Browse to the location where you have moved the files.

Start the torrent again.

When I did this, it said there was an error with missing files I think..., so I paused and forced recheck. Now it shows 0% progress. I have done this with 2 torrent downloads ... one of them was 97% done and over 10GB and download usually comes at a trickle of like 10k/s for the past week or so. :(

It is interesting because the check takes a lot of time, like it is finding the files and actually checking the download.

I want to stress I followed *exactly* the steps I quoted above .. I did it on my own because it just made sense. The file move worked without a problem (obviously, or else I would be in a windows 8 forum instead of here).

Does anyone know how to forcibly recover when utorrent decides not to register progress in the torrent?

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Yeay! I found the solution, which was to:

• move all the data out of the download folder

• restart the download, which will start again at 0%

• stop the download, move the data back in, and reset the download location, which will set it to checking the data when it first starts, but will freeze at 0% checked

• restart the utorrent client

it starts up and checks the data without issue — worked fine from there :)

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Did you point uTorrent to the PARENT folder of the torrent payload before running the recheck?

I am honestly not clear, because I had specified a containing folder when I set up the torrent. I did try "Videos/The Viral Factor", and also "Videos/The Viral Factor/The.Viral.Factor.2012.BluRay.1080p.DTS.x264-CHD". But not just "Videos" — is this what you mean?

I guess that would do it. :) Maybe the Guide could use some text to detail what is meant, since torrents can be configured to build custom download folders inside the download location folder, as well as the containing folder of the same name as the torrent that it will automatically build for multiple file downloads.

Thank you.

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