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Streaming piece download priority bug.


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So as I understand it when "Streaming" is active the "pieces" are supposed to be downloaded in sequential order starting from the first piece of the avi/mp4/things of that sort. And of course the first and last piece of something that is stream-able is downloaded automatically to get the file headers and such.

It seams that if the first piece is not downloaded when trying to stream then the piece download priority is not being set to download the pieces in sequential order as intended for the "Streaming" feature.

Point being that if piece 1 is still being downloaded or has not flushed to disk than piece 2 will not be "forced" to download and so on. It simply downloads as normal.

Can anyone confirm this is a bug?

EDIT: For clarification, I'm using 3.3 build 29625 stable on Windows 7 64 bit. As of 7/21/2013

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