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some general questions for working utorrent

he di

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first i have to say i am new with torrent-things, i never made it before (only emule etc.)

i am looking for download music to have more music.....

i tried utorrent and there are some questions

1) i need to find a torrent before i can download music. there are many homepages for this. which homepage you can recommend?

2) some homepages when i click on torrent download there will be download an exe.file. is this right? i never allowed an exe-file to go on my pc, which i dont know. so what to do?

3) most results i found on pirates. but they have almost magnet-links. how to handle with this? there comes a window who wants an application and i dont know what to choose.

4) i although want to offer my music to other persons. for this i have to make torrents of my music? how to make this? is this much work?

many thanks for everybody who will answer me


he di

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