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utorrent crash dump


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please help me fix this every time I try to open utorrent this error comes up "uttorent has crashed. A dumo has been save as" and it tells me where it is so I oppened the file and I got all the fun stuff please can some one help me this is the file name if it helps 29944-utorrent.3ace.dmp I am not sure what to do.

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The incompatible list will let you find out if you have some software that is causing a problem.

Otherwise you need to open the memory dump and read that to locate the cause of the problem.

Or of course actually make the file available for one of the developers to actually look at!

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I was able to solve this problem - using tech support. Here is the fix:

Can you try clearing out your entire uTorrent folder and reinstalling from scratch? Try these steps and if they don't work for you, please let me know.

Go to start > control panel > remove programs and uninstall uTorrent.

Next, you will need to wipe uTorrent's settings. Go to start > run and paste this in: %appdata%\utorrent

If you want to back up your current settings and torrent list, then back up all these files to a different folder somewhere else.

Then delete everything in the folder.

Go to your confirmation email and redownload and install uTorrent Plus. If you need another copy of your confirmation email, please let me know.

Finally, if you want to bring back your old torrent list you can replace resume.dat in your appsdata folder with the copy you previously backed up.

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