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Error Can't Open .torrent file: [name of file that worked an hr ago]


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Suddenly, I reopened mTorrent and every file I had been downloading or that was downloaded or that was in any state-- rechecked, stopped, paused-- ever seen by me, ALL announced that the file could not be opened. So I tried to reopen several of them. Went to the directory where the files are, ADDED them again, asked me if I wanted to re-add them because the trackers were already listed, and I said yes.

No chance. Still pretended there was no way to reopen the perfectly good file that had been there previously.

So then I deleted the .torrent file of hated trackers and, lo and behold, it liked everything just fine. Yes, it could add the trackers. What directory? Oh, THIS directory over here? Fine. You already have stuff with that name and in that place. No, says I, do not write over the existing file.

Bingo! It updates the "new" trackers, rechecks the files, and off we go.

Of course, SOMETIMES some of the files that were 100% are suddenly now at a teeny, tiny bit less than that because somehow some stray bits have gone missing. A well known phenomenon, right? So now it "downloads" the missing fragments and Bob's Your Uncle.

So. I do not want to have to delete every torrent and reload each one, marking each one as to which files inside are wanted and which are not, redirecting each file to its individual directory (movies, music, whatever) and subdirectory.

Is there a way to fix all these failures at once or must I hand crank the machine, using the foot treadle, to delete, reinsert, relocate, reselect, recheck, and redownload each and every file one at a tedious time?

BTW, Using mTorrent 2.2.1 and NO that is NOT the problem.

Last time I attempted an upgrade, I hated the result and went back to what was working on the principle that it was not broken so was not gonna "fix" it.

Everything worked fine until just now.

Please help.

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Okay, so that was not the problem until now, but suddenly it IS the problem -- because you say it is.

Got it.

On the other hand, while that is interesting information, that does NOT actually tell me how to fix the problem and does not answer any of my specific issues. Let me be more clear:

Now that the program has decided that it does not recognize any existing torrents even when I attempt

to reinstate them, and will not proceed as usual until or unless I delete the existing torrent and then replace it with the same torrent from the same location and then manually redirect the output download to the directory of choice for the selected files within each torrent.... how CAN that be fixed?

For example. Let me suggest something like:

"Since yr old version of the program is no longer supported, all I can suggest is that you upgrade to

a new version. When you do that, if you want to resume all the old torrents you are downloading or seeding, they can be automagically imported into the upgrade by doing THIS or THAT (or SOME OTHER THING that a person with the poor grasp of reality yr humble correspondent has demonstrated can be lead to attempt by an all-wise guru, even at the risk of such wizard being mistaken for being not totally unnice after all).

The truth is, I did immediately contemplate an upgrade, and then thought, no, better ask first because if I install the new thing, it might not fix the problem and for all I know will delete everything anyway, etc. etc. and end up making it all worse than if I simply set aside the next two or three days to move each torrent and file, reinstall them, etc. etc. as has already been shown to work, albeit at significant cost in time and effort and sanity, all of which are in shorter supply now than they were, for me at least, half a century ago in the legendary time when there was not only no spam, but no Internet... and for that matter, no DARPA.

So, I can adapt. If I can upgrade and fix the issues, that's fine. Was hoping there was some workaround, but yr the expert, and I merely a supplicant, a transient mendicant, at the mercy of forces apparently beyond my control.

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