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some torrents won't download, and some download for a minute then stop


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First, i saw that there are posts that cover my problem, but i'm not so into computers so I didn't understand them.... :| . Now for the problem. Well, when I downloaded utorrent and added some torrents, the connection was unsecured so they downloaded properly. When I got home later, I had a home network with a password (don't know if that has to do with the problem but just in case..),there one torrent wouldn't start and said "finding peers", the other one said "connecting to peers" and the third one downloaded for a minute and then stopped. I tried to reconnect but the problem continued. I updated utorrent, but there was no effect again. I thought that there's something with the internet, so i tried to connect to another network with a password protection, but again, no effect... I even tried downloading other torrent clients, but the problem was the same on every one (bittorrent and bitcomet). I use windows 8 and the latest version of utorent.

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