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Trackers/peer connections


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Allow me to preface this with saying that i am new to torrenting, have very little computer experience (although i have a fair amount of common sense and that usually works), and have only gotten the program to work today.

anyhow, utorrent works fine, right up until i try to download something, at which point the program, as per usual, begins to look for peers.

this is where the issue comes in: none of the trackers seem to want to connect. DHT neither. i just get server timeouts continuously and DHT just sits there, always showing *waiting for announce...*

occasionally i am lucky and one or two peers are found on one tracker, but it still doesnt connect to the peers to start actually downloading the file.

is this what is supposed to happen or am i doing something incorrectly?

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Try restarting utorrent.

If there is congestion, try limit number of connection,

Restart internet connection or restart computer

Try disable DHT.

Maybe it is your firewall?

If your isp interfering with torrent traffic this is difficult, google it

Virus can create congestion too

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