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Downloading uTorrent on Mac 10.6.8 just gives uTorrent.dmg won't work

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After using up most of my Saturday trying to rectify this I have given up and assume Apple have done something to stop you being able to install a Torrent. I tried a few others and had the same problem.

I am buying a mini PC and am going to set it up as a HTPC.

Please shout out is anybody knows a fix.

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I figured it out. The reason that it's not mounting the DMG, is that it's not a DMG. They apparently gave the file an incorrect extension. Just change the name from uTorrent.dmg to uTorrent.pkg, and install from the PKG installer.

Hopefully this new build will fix the issue I've had with my download speeds. Everything from 1.8.3-1.8.4 was constantly dropping from my usual speed (about 6MB/s) down to basically nothing (1-5 KB/s). So I've been stuck on 1.8.2 for months. I hope that the devs aren't neglecting the Mac version.

Update: Unfortunately I'm having the same issue with my download/upload speeds as previous 1.8.3 and 1.8.4 builds. :(

It's incapable of sustaining speeds above just a few kb/s for more than a few seconds, making it unusable. I guess I have to go back to 1.8.2 yet again.


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