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Switched to a new router , Utorrent stop working .


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Recently i got my hand on the Huawei LTE GL04P router , and then the trouble with Utorrent appeared .

Basically , DHT stuck at * Waiting to log in* status , and sometime it says 0 nodes .download rate is extremely slow , ranging from 0 kbs to 0.2 kbs , of course the ETA can't determine when it will finish .

I went ahead and started port fowarding the router , i also use PFconfig and PFchecker to make sure that the port is open properly .

The weird thing is both Utorrent and PFchecker confirmed that port is open , however , i still can not download a single byte . I have made sure that Utorrent is allowed in Firewall .

So i wonder , is there any chance that the Router is actively preventing Utorrent from working even if i have port forwarded ?

If it is not , how should i fix this ? Is there any information that i must submit to you so you can figure out what is going on ?

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