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Torrents from EzTV download fine, movies don't??


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Hi there

As the subject suggests i can download using torrents from EzTV just fine but movies from ISOHunt, Pirate Bay, Kickasstorrents etc. all show 0(0) Seeds, 0(3) Peers despite there being an abundance of seeders and peers that appear on those websites. I have tried extremely recent files and older ones with a large number of seeders nothing works. What is going on? Downloads and Uploads are set to Unlimited.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Hi again, thanks for the help!

Think I know, you're not using UDP.

Check: Preferences > BitTorrent > Enable UDP tracker support.

This preference was always checked.

I am not sure what on earth the problem was, i reset my router and computer and those very same torrents that had 0(0) Seeds were now displaying the proper number of seeders and were working just fine.

Thanks again for the help, much appreciated. Problem (whatever it was) is solved! =D

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