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upload limit is stopping downloads


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maybe i should be posting this in a bug report section, anyways the problem is when i set an upload limit i can no longer download once that limit has been reached. it acts as if i am using an upload+download limit.

the reason this is a problem is my isp gives me a download cap of 150gb, before you start flaming me for wanting to set an upload limit my usage history for this month is 24 gb down and 126 up. its pretty much the same every month. which is the problem. i dont mind having a generous up/down ratio, but the uploads are out of control. if it werent for the cap my downloads this month would be 24 and my upload would be something like 500. that would be one expensive internet bill.

as soon as my cycle resets i make a few downloads and my uploads immediately hits the cap and i have to go offline again. until there is a real solution i am going to cap utorrent at 100gb to leave some space before the gap and use force download for whatever i need exceeding that, but there should be a way to automate this as bandwidth caps are common amongst isps, and clearly the upload cap feature is broken.

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