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Slow download speeds all of a sudden


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Hi All,

For the past 5 days I have been getting slow speeds, 40kb/s. Usually I get around the 800kb/s.

When Utorrent is running all my internet becomes slow, even looing at web pages. Exit Utorrent and all is back to normal, so I am assuming there is something wrong with Utorrent.

So far I have upgraded firmware on my modem, and Utorrent is current. Still slow speeds.

I will go through the best practice sticky, but is there any reason for the sudden change? Is there something I should be doing?


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Ok all fixed.

Note: If wife puts a old phone on the line without informing you, expect issues. :o

Some reason, if Utorrent was off, had fine internet. Turn on Utorrent and internet speed died. rang my ISP and he did line tests. Cap speeds. "have you changed anything on your phone lines". Nope I tell him as I walk around the house and see an old phone connected. Unplug it and what do you know?? Speeds back to normal.

Well back to a sane life...:lol:

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