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Webui stopped working ???


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Hi everyone,

I have been using the webui on my WHS11 server for about 3/4 months with no problems what so ever.

but it suddenly stopped working reporting "HTTP 400 BAD REQUEST" I have not made any changes to any of my setup.

I have deleted all cookies on my main PC, but not on the server.

I have sabnzb & plex on the server which still work fine ( my main reason for not deleting cookies from the server DON'T want them screwing up as well)

Any ideas Please ?

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do we get any clues??

Like what ?

It was working 100% then it ain't.

Just stopped no reason that I can think of which is why I asked here.

server is running WHS11, main PC Win 7, ISP Virgin Media (router superhub) as I said I haven't made any changes to anything it just stopped connecting to the utorrent webui.

sabnzb & plex still working fine so I don't get it (must be stupid, but if I knew what was wrong I wouldn't be asking for help)

utorrent 3.3 build29544 32bit don't know what version webui is and don't know how to check.

Have made any changes to any hardware / software so I don't get why its stopped working.

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