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I notice that if in Global Upload Rate Limiting we have set a

Maximum upload like : 40

and an Alternative: 0

Utorrent is switching the limitation between 40 and 0 every second, so the upload never reach a full speed.

This is visible in the Speed Tab "upload rate limit"..

and it is impossible to determinate the effect of changing the Download/Upload Limit from the Windows System Tray Icons or from the bottom window of Utorrent because they are constantly switching too.

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In what version and build?

3.3 (build 29625) 32-b

3.3.1 has a similar behavior, but not every second constantly (at least not always), I don't know if this is a processor/thread running to check if there is something new being downloaded, but it affects seriously the upload speed.

with the 3.3 (with the constant oscillating) the top uploaded reached was 55k, with 3.3.1 is 60-75k but if I set Maximum upload to 0 too, in both versions I got reach the full upload speed of my conex (110k).

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It is not the upload rate. It is the upload *rate limit*. Don't you see?

See tip P in my guide below ...

I guess u didn't read the whole topic; when the maximum upload rate is applied without reason (ignoring the fact that there is no download in progress) and for that second that is applied, the upload drop.

if the maximum update limit applied represent a big difference (in my case down from 110kb to 35-40kb), the upload NEVER reach not even 70kb,



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