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Does the filename determine the sha-1 hash?


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It was my understanding that the name of the torrent and the filename would change the infohash but the magnet link only has the infohash inside of it. The magnet can be named anything and it would not change the hash is that correct or not?

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It's just an extra bit added on after the hash. It's the hash that's the important part.

Nope, the anchor text is NOT added after the hash at all

By 'magnet name' are you refering to the anchor text used for the link?

Then it is absolutely nothing at all to do with the 'hash', and it is NOT connected in any way at all to the torrent metadata or the payload.

The name (anchor text) is simply some words that is the 'Human Friendly' part of a link.

<a href="url">This is anchor text</a>

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