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New version of Utorrent notified>updated>did not give install location


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I have been installing apps to my apps partition for years. I have had Utorrent installed there for a while.

Every time there was an update and I let it do its thing, it would simply update.

For the last two recent update notices I let it do its thing, it completely wiped my record of downloaded/stored torrents, and then it installed this last time today to the freakin wrong drive/partition, the no man's land C drive! Running this version now shows a completely blank record of my downloads, even checking the "Directories" section that still shows the same settings I had previously, and restarting Utorrent does not fix it.

There is no "advanced" or other option I saw running the installer twice for where to put the program.

FU Utorrent.

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Even if you run it portable it will install to %AppData%\uTorrent with its own settings.

You need to replace utorrent.exe manually where you previously had it, all settings retained, nothing is lost.

We shouldn't have to go through this if they set up the installer etc correctly.

There should be no excuse for NOT having an option to install where you want it.

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There are two ways to install it.

Regular: utorrent.exe can be placed anywhere, always reads from %AppData%\uTorrent

Portable: utorrent.exe and settings.dat in the same folder.

Then it also depends where/if you've choosed to store your .torrents (Preferences > Directories).

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