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Network test in Setup Guide doesn't work


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The same test, new µTorrent, in my home still doesn't not work, but in my office testport works fine.

How is it possible?

I am able to accept incoming connections at both places.


Note: Network testport icon in Setup Guide overlaps a progress bar above (XP and 7).

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It was also tested with UPnP and NAT-PMP enabled and another unused port. Everytime I am connectable, instead of Setup Guide shows anything else. Tested on people - peers in swarm.

Two other users contacted me and asked me about same problem...

What is new URL adress of testport when older http://www.utorrent.com/testport?plain=1&port= is out? If you don't want to publish it, pm me.


I tested situation whem I am not connectable. UPnP disabled. My web test FAILED, µTorrent OK x_eek.gif


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Your system is screwed up... Go live in your office... :P

But in my office it doesn't work too. :P Only difference is inverted result.

In every situation at home FAILED, office OK. Doesn't matter whether I am connectable or not.

Please see pictures above again and more thoroughly.

You can try test another closed port (as not connectable) whether uT shows you OK or FAILED.

You can compare with http://www.utorrent.cz/nat/ or http://www.utorrent.cz/nat/?plain=1&port=


At home I have 2 PC, Win 7, problem on both.

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