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Download limit setting it not saved


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Hi, since a week ago i have a weird issue, when i click on a file and set a limit to the upload and download maximum speed, the download setting isn't saved and my download go to maximum slowing my web surfing and other programs. The upload work fine.

The only way to solve in part this bug is to set the download speed and press <ok> several times in a row and seems to work for a bit but after 7-8 minutes my download ratio back to maximum.

Also the port speed test report that my port is closed but the icon is green and using another web tool to check my port, is completely open.

Any help on these issues is very appreciated.

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Does it go over 2 Mbyte/s limit?

Well no, my max download is about 850 Kb/sec, just using 2048 or 0, or 850 change nothing.

have you another tip?

I have a gוide full of tips... :P Like use my settings...

Already tryed with these settings and work great, but my issue is not realted to this, seems a bug of the client, when i set the limit clicking on the torrent this value is not saved, for example if i put 300 Kb/s as limit it go to 850 Kb/sec anyway (my max download speed). The upload work perfectly however.

Never had this bug before. O_o

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Already tryed with these settings and work great' date=' b[/quote']With 3.3.1 ?

Yes, i'm under 3.3.1 latest version atm. But i guess this issue is a bug in the last version, before never had this problem.

Also the port test fail and report is closed while using a external program say it's perfectly open, infact the icon is green, something is screwed eh eh.

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