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Due to bad shutdown, all my torrent entries are removed..


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I have a laptop with no battery but with direct power supply. Today morning, due to unexpected power cut, laptop was shutdown. At that time downloading was on.

But later when i started my laptop, all my torrents were gone. Active, inactive, stopped, removed, paused, downloading; every torrent is gone.

BUT the statics and settings are intact. All of my source files are still located in my

\Application Data\uTorrent.

I have been using utorrent for 6 and a half years. Never encountered any problem like this.

Currently i am using version 3.2.3 build 28705, 32 bit.

PLEASE help me out.

And if the problem is related to resume.dat, here is some information.

There are three resume.dat files

resume.dat -------- 99bytes

resume.dat.old -------- 99bytes

resume.dat.1367605042.bad -------- 8.74 Mb

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OK, I got everything back as it is, for MYSELF. Thanks to me then. :P:)

By the way, migrating files never works good for people who have hundreds of torrent entries in the client. Its kind of a patch-up, sometimes end up hotch-poched. Better start as new..:)

I had 2952 torrent entries. Got them as it is. Feeling good.

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