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Utorrent crashing without an error


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I have read that there is a problem with high speed downloads crashing utorrent, but is there a fix yet?

My problem started right after I got my ISP to elevate my broadband speed. Now as I download multible torrents with speed up to 8mb per sec at some point (within 30 minutes) the program crashes. By crashing I mean that the program just disappears, and I have to start it again. And to wait for an hour for it to check all the 10GB torrents.

I have set the cache memory to the max at 1.8GB to avoid the disk overload. But changing the settings or installing an older version has not helped one bit. The only thing that helps is to keep active torrents to a few. Is this the only solution? Is is just that theprogram can`t handle the multible active torrents at that speed? Previously I had only 10MB broadband at max download speed being 1.3MB per sec and there were no problems, I could easily run utorrent for weeks without it crashing.

And if there is a dumb or something that says why it crashed I have no idea where to start looking.

Thanks for the help.

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All external drive interfaces are relatively slow on write, and because it is the buffer queue that 'overloads' NOT the actual drive, they are prone to overloading.

Reducing the cache, (128 - 512 MB) can help

Turning off diskio.coalesce_writes can reduce overloading but could increase CPU use.

Reducing diskio.coalesce_write_size (with diskio.coalesce_writes on) can also help.

You need to find what settings work best for your environment.

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