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Utorrent very fast, other internet traffic nothing


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I'm curious if anyone has any tips for an issue I am experiencing.

I use 2.2.1 version 25203 (I prefer this version, and have been using it for years without issue)

I'm using windows 8, wired connection, and Asus Dark Knight wireless router with the latest firmware.

Anyways, lately I can be downloading at 1.4-2.3Mb in utorrent, but if I try to look at a webpage, or do almost anything else with the internet it does not work.

I actually have been getting an error in chrome when downloading files and trying to look at a webpage at the same time as downloading on Utorrent.

I don't want to call my ISP and start complaining about my connection right now as I'm probably 3-4x the limit I should be for monthly transfer.

To think of it, I think I had the same issue happen while downloading games through Steam, UPlay, or Origin.

Anyone have any ideas what to check?

Thanks in advance!

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