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Native IOS (iPhone/iPad) App availible that could be use for uTorrent


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i found a Native IOS App (iPhone/iPad) that could be used as uTorrent Remote Client :)

This is a Universal remote that could be extended by importing Protocol specifications, to support Download Managers that use XML or JSON to communicate. Therefore it will work with uTorrent as well :)

I created a Protocol definition for it (see attached) - simply install the app, and open the attached Protocol specification on your IOS device (eMail, Dropbox, etc). And you could use the app as native uTorrent Remote for IOS ;)

iOS App:


Protocol Definition:


Features of the app:

* Shows downloads with status

* Can support clients with JSON Based Webservices

* Start,Stop,Pause,Un-Pause,Stop,Remove,Recheckof Downloads

* Add new Download URLs

* Built in Web Browser with Link Catch for Downloads (magnetic, http)


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From the phone browse to this page and click on hansmeiser's second link. That will ask you on your phone if you want to download and then open it into the app. Do that. Then open the app. You need to add your server details. I don't have it in front of me but I think the icon for that was in the upper left. I'm not sure why it asked for both my server IP and my server URL, but I gave it both. I'd prefer it used the URL because when I'm off the home lan only the URL will work. I haven't tried it outside the house yet to see if it works there or not.


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