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Optimising seeding speed for upload 10Mb/s (Currently much less)


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I would like to know how to optimise my utorrent settings for a 10Mb/s (Megabit/s) upload speed, for seeding. Currently, when I seed, the maximum upload speed is usually about 150KB/s.

I believe it could be much more than that.

I have port forwarded successfully, my firewall is not blocking it, everything seems fine.

What sort of settings should I use? I imagine you may ask me what sort of torrent I am seeding (Lots of leechers, not a lot of seeders or vice versa). I would like to know what the best settings are to achieve maximum upload speed for both.

Thank you,


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Sorry, I read "INFORMATION WE MIGHT NEED IF NOTHING ELSE HELPS", so I assumed you would ask if you DID need.

But anyway, here is that information:

Things I've tried so far:

1. Changing alternate upload speed when not downloading to 0

2. Changing Global maximum no. connections to 1000 and max no. of connected peers as 500

3. Change Upload slots to 15

4. Change Protocol Encryption to forced

5. Change bt.allow_same_ip to true

6. Change bt.no_connect_to_services, bt.send_have_to_seed, gui.show_notorrents_node, ipfilter.enable, queue.dont_count_slow_dl and queue.dont_count_slow_ul to false.

7. Change net.max_halfopen to 66

8. Change peer.disconnect_inactive_interval to 900

9. Change port to 45682

The status bar has a green tick

The port checker from the speed guide writes "Port is not open (you are still able to download)." However, I tried it earlier and it said it was open, and www.canyouseeme.org shows the port as open.

My operating system is windows 7.

I have avast antivirus (free), with windows firewall. Yes, BitTorrent is added as an exception.

My router model is BT Home Hub 3, and my ISP is evidently BT.

My upload speed is: 13.3Mbit/s.

My download speed is: 42.07Mbit/s.

If you want to know any more, I can provide that information.



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