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Prevent ISP from shutting off my internet connection for bittorrenting


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My ISP - Suddenlink has shut off my internet connection twice last year for downloading bit-torrents, since then I have subscribed to "Private Internet Access" and continue to download torrents but at a much slower speed.

Suddenlink told me that the next time they catch it, they will be forced to disconnect my internet connection for a minimum of 6 months. I have the 107 Mbps Connection package and using Private Internet Access I can utilize about 10 Mbps of that downloading torrents. I seen a protocol encryption feature in uTorrent and I am wondering if I enable this, and get rid of my slow proxy if I could use all of my connection speed without Suddenlink being able to see my traffic and disconnecting my internet connection.

Thank you for your time,

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don't listen to this idiot douchebag, A VPN encrypts ALL data at your computer and tunnels it straight to your vpn then out to the internet world. The ONLY thing your ISP will see is that you are communicating to one location only. Thats it. They can not even tell what type of traffic it is torrent or otherwise. You might ask "will this make me look like a target to my ISP" hell no. tons of companies use vpns so employees can linkup wherever they are.

I had a problem with suddenlink as well. But not anymore :D

VPN providers becoming competitive and if you pay for the service it IS worth it. I use Airvpn.org after trying out several. About $20 for 3 month. (and no i do not work for or get paid by airvpn, I am just very happy using them) My internet connection is 50 down 3 up. Airvpn supports every bit of it. I do not notice much slower speeds at all. Especially from servers close to my home. The ONLY risk you run after connecting to the vpn is dns leaks and if the vpn disconnects for any reason. But there are solutions for this. dnsleaktest.com for the first. Comodo Firewall (free) will take care of both: follow this guide on setting it up, this is to block ALL traffic unless you are connected to your vpn. https://airvpn.org/topic/3405-windows-comodo-prevent-leaks/

Dont listen to a-holes like this guy who either are ignorant on protecting your privacy or even worse, lie about it.

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