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Buffalo Link Station Auto Start Downloads


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I am a long time utorrent user. On the desktop application I was able to configure Utorrent to start torrent files located in a certain folder. On completion I would have the torrent moved or deleted. I was then able to setup a automatic download service and drop the torrents into this folder and Utorrent would start its magic. Recently (Yesterday) I fried my old NAS and went to get a new one. I found this Buffalo Duo Pro which has a utorrent client built right in. However I am unable to find the configuration to have it start downloads based on files in a specific folder like I did with the desktop app. Without this I am stuck copying and pasting magnet urls into the interface like some sort of caveman.

Please help or direct.


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In that case, ....


Why the HELL are you asking at the uTorrent forum when that document is regarding the use of an embedded BitTorrent client (Same company DIFFERENT product) and the ONLY connection with uTorrent is that it uses the HTTP user interface.(Web UI) that is shipped with uTorrent.

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