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Client not working at all


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Hello everyone.

I was unsure whether this would fit into "speed problems" or "troubleshooting" but, seeing as the torrent client tests went just fine, I think this does not have anything to do with issues related to speed.

My client always did fine, even downloading decently fast and as soon as I added some torrents. For some days as of now, though, it has not been working properly. My client is basically frozen: no torrents will be downloaded, no torrents will be seeded either. When I add new torrents, even with a lot of trackers, the client seems unable to find any peers (uploading the tracker list will not work, of course). This is a rather strange issue, as the network setting tests were all fine. I have not changed any settings in my client or in my router as well since the last time I tryied to download any torrents. I cannot understand what is wrong. My client version ought to be the latest. When I looked for updates, the client could not find any.

Thanks in advance.

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My security software is Avira. I checked the blocks, but it has no firewall, so utorrent is not being blocked.

My specific version is 3.2.3 (build 28705).

By the way, I tryied installing Deluge just to try another client, and it works (slower than utorrent, though). Could this be something about the client and not my settings?

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