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Should I super seed?


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I am uploading a torrent and I can see that it's mostly being distributed from the back end first (dark blue on the right and barely blue on the left in the availability bar).

It's up to 200 peers and I'm the only seed. Would super seed work now even though I've heard mostly negative things about uTorrents super seed mode?

I don't want to seed forever... it's a 30GB torrent. Thanks for your insights. :)

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Here's what I've found:


1) Super seed mode is actually connecting to peers (first time ever for me personally). I'm guessing because there are more peers in the swarm looking for a connection. Usually when I started a torrent and put it in super seed mode, nothing happened.

2) Distribution didn't change much. Still %42 availablity. Ah well, will seed normally.

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