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How to Ubuntu utserver and Android uTorrent Remote

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Can someone please advise how to get Ubuntu utserver and Android uTorrent Remote working?

I have used Google and I can't find specific, step by step instructions on how to set this up.

So far I have confirmed that utserver is running fine on Ubuntu.

I have also created a file named utserver.conf in the path /opt/utorrent-server-v3_0 with the file contents:

uconnect_enable: 1
uconnect_username: ilovemypoodle
uconnect_password: somepassword

I have restarted utserver and I expected that was all I needed to get the remote working.

However after installing uTorrent Remote on my Android phone and attempting to login I get the following message:


uTorrent client not found. Is your remote client running and connected?

Please help with specific and simple step by step instructions here... I'm pretty new to Ubuntu and utserver. Thank you!

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uTorrent Remote is designed to use a proxy service, I don't think the Linux client supports that. Check the docs for references for uTorrent Remote.

The configuration you did sounds like it's for the webui. Try using the phones browser. It's possible there's an app to use the webui directly as well. The WebUI unless it's changed is probably still made for desktops, modified webui.zip's for use with the Windows client and change the webui to work well on phones may work with the Linux client. The forum has modified webui's posted last I looked. So basically last I looked the linux client didn't have uT remote support, you need to access the WebUI directly or find an app that supports the webui API.

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