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Whenever up I update, mysterious files try to get past my firewall


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For some reason uTorrent has updated several times in the last month or two. And every time I've updated, that update has been followed by my firewall warning me that some strange file was trying to access the Internet. For example, with the most recent update to 3.3.1,, I got a warning about a file called uttDECO.tmp.exe, which I blocked and closed.

Are these your files? If so, what are they for?

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That's what I'm trying to find out. The thing is, uTorrent did update, I do now have the latest version. So what exactly have I blocked? Usually when I update a program, I only have to give permission to the updater, not to other executables. I find it's very risky to just let files access the internet without having any idea what they're for or what they do. Is that crazy?

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It's a temporary decompressed file used for installation/update.

This is how you figure it out, in simple, logical thinking, steps.

The workflow you're doing is:

- Download utorrent.exe

- Run utorrent.exe

- Warning dialog appears about utt*.exe want to run.

- You block it (here: You opened utorrent.exe that spawned the dialog, what else could cause this but the official file you downloaded? (and it happens every time you do that), file even named utt* very similar to: utorrentDECOmpressed.tmp(temp).exe (ok, now, this just my own observation, but I don't think it's far from the truth).

Knowing this now, what is blocking µTorrent to install? :)

Or: You can just replace the old utorrent.exe with the new, if you still don't trust the installer.

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