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SSL Certificate for utorrent.com subdomains has expired


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Hey Guys,

while using https://remote.utorrent.com/ my browser (Opera) alerted me today that the SSL certificate has expired.

Certificate info in my browser says:

certificate name: *.utorrent.com
not valid after: 15.08.2013 00:59:00 GMT

Could you please fix this?


There is another six hours and fortysix minutes to go before 00:59:00 GMT.

So it hasn't actually expired as yet.

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Now SSL Certificate has renewed for *.utorrent.com

New SSL Certificate Validity

Issues on: 20/062013

Expires on 19/092015

Issued By Thawte SSL CA

Here i would like to share article where you can find useful information on why you have to renew your ssl certificate before it expired?


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